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Aesthetic Osteopathy

“Beauty and Health go together, and this is a manifest truth.”

Aesthetic osteopathy may be also called biological centering as it implies making the human body symmetrical: the right eye should be a mirror reflection of the left one, the ears should be in the same horizontal line. In short, the right half of the face should be symmetrical to the left one. It is believed that the more symmetrical a person’s face is, the healthier he/she is. And this is likely to be true, as the face reflects the state of one’s internal organs.

53b36f3d40c088325c8b45aa_53b3734fa2ccaFacial and skin muscles are directly linked to the work of neural networks within the brain stem. If facial muscles are in dysfunction — are hypertonic or hypotonic — it means that the brain neurons that control such muscles are in the same dysfunction.

Gently acting on facial muscles, ligaments and bones, the osteopath brings relaxed or tense muscles to their normal state. We can see the principle of direct communication and feedback in practice as the signal reaches the cerebral cortex, corrects the existing pattern and comes back with a fixed command for muscles and skin to come back to normal. As a result we get improved skin turgor, restored blood circulation, wrinkle smoothing, and other visible cosmetic effects.

The advantage of aesthetic osteopathy compared to cosmetic massages is obvious. While the massage therapist deals only with the skin, the osteopath can adjust the skull and face bones, and remove certain dysfunctions of brain areas. The osteopath launches natural self-healing processes in the body that eliminate the cause of aesthetically visible facial changes. Osteopathic treatment has a long-lasting effect.

What conditions can aesthetic osteopathy address?

  •     eyes asymmetry
  •     cheeks asymmetry
  •     skull asymmetry
  •     face wrinkles
  •     normalizing skin turgor
  •     fixing posture and manner of walking
  •     eliminating jaw imbalance

When people get older their blood circulation and nutrition of muscles and skin worsen. That leads to reduced muscle tone and skin turgor and results in wrinkles, skin sagging, and unhealthy complexion. Chronic disorders of facial nerve innervations can lead to dysfunctions of bone and cartilage structures and muscular-ligaments systems, which may lead to facial asymmetry.

Aesthetic osteopathy not only improves the structure of facial skin, muscles and vessels, but it can also change the shape of the head and spine, eliminate the dysfunction of osteochondral structures. The positive effect is visible even after just a few sessions of treatment.

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