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Chiropractice is known since ancient times as hands-on treatment of mechanical structures of the human body: bones, cartilage, ligaments, joints, spinal motion segments. People started putting it to practice years before Christ, and since those ancient times it is known as bone setting. However, a modern chiropractic therapist must have higher medical education and be qualified in the field of manual medicine.

The efficiency and the speed of achieving results with chiropractic therapy can be compared to those of a surgical operation. Karl Levitt used to compare chiropractic with bloodless surgery. And this is indeed so because chiropractic therapists use their hands to manipulate displaced vertebrae and joints to set them.

4ccc6f2005753d1fcd17ca9d6b5e0096Human spine normally has 32 spinal bones (the same as the number of teeth). Each vertebra has its own projection of a tooth, as well as internal organs, muscles and ligaments. This connection is provided by the neuronal network of brain and spinal cord. In other words, all the nerves that come from the spinal cord emerge from the spinal duct through intervertebral foramen and innervate all internal organs and tissues.

That is why when you feel pain in the back or your heart aches while you have a goodECG, or your fingers or toes get numb, etc., it all speaks about certain problems in your spine. These are symptoms of a nerve pinched by vertebrae.

The knowledge field of a chiropractor covers normal biomechanics and pathobiomechanics of the human body. The spine is made of structural-functional units, i.e. spinal motion segments (SMS). Each SMS consists of two adjacent spinal bones, a disc between them, muscular-ligamentous apparatus, and a segment of the spinal cord with the outgoing nerve roots.

The spine functions as a single chain and it is the axis of all movements. If a spinal bone in one segment is displaced, the entire spine suffers together with internal organs, which are connected with the displaced segment via nerves.

Vertebrae displacement is a disorder that can be quickly fixed by a chiropractic therapist. If it is not done in time  (i.e. immediately after you turned or fell badly, lifted something too heavy for you, or your body started aching after a lot of time spent at the computer) it can start osteochondrosis and other degenerative dystrophic changes of the spine. And this will require a more serious therapy.

It is recommended to visit the chiropractic therapist at least 2 times a year to prevent osteochondrosis. Think of it as a regular check-up at the dentists’, for example, or the gynecologists’. If things go really bad with a tooth, you can always have it removed, but you cannot do so with a faulty spine. Think about it… and hurry up to book an appointment with our therapist.


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