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Cranial Sacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a holistic therapy that involves the manipulation of the skull bones (the cranium) and the sacrum in order to center a person’s vertical axis.

photos0-800x600The central (vertical) axis starts at the top of the skull, goes along the spine, and ends at the sacrococcyx. The electro-magnetic field, which runs the spiraling movement of the vertebrae, goes through this axis. This spiraling movement maintains normal metabolism in spinal discs, joints and bones.

People may come for craniosacral therapy because they have gone through a psychological trauma, or have lifted too much weight, or got injured after a fall. This can cause the mechanism of spiraling movement to break or cease completely in some sections of the spine, resulting in muscle, ligament, and blood vessel spasms, or a pinched nerve. Pain, constrained movements, heaviness in hands, headaches, dizziness, etc. would be among the symptoms.

Since the spiral movement of the spine stops, the infamous osteochondrosis starts to develop. Most often you’ll hear that osteochondrosis cannot be cured. However if you restore spinal mobility (maintenance mechanism), the nutrition of discs, vertebrae and joints will be normalized, thus treating osteochondrosis, spondylosis, and spondylarthrosis.

The doctor works with the bones.

_118Cranial sacral therapy is a system of manual techniques that the doctor applies mainly to the bones of the skull, and also the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral and coccygeal spine sections.

To restore the rhythm of the spiral movement in the central axis the physician needs to feel the beating (or absence of it) of the cerebral liquid (the inflow and the outflow) with their hands and then remove functional blocks and ensure that the cerebral liquid flows in and out normally.

Working on the vertebral-motor segments one by one, the therapist restores the normal tone of the scleromeninx and the pial membrane, and also the muscles and the ligaments of the craniosacral axis. Craniosacral therapy can unlock nerve roots, relieve pain, bring the nervous system back to normal, improving the innervations of the internal organs and body systems as a result. Sessions of craniosacral therapy lead to significant improvements in the trophism of visceral organs and tissues.

Cranial Sacral Therapy Sessions

During the first visit, the practitioner makes light contact with your head, the base of your spine, and other areas, encouraging your body to relax and begin to make the changes it needs. A session typically lasts one hour. The procedure is safe, painless and rather relaxing. Many patients fall asleep during the procedure. After the procedure, the discomfort and pain disappear, the patients feel refreshed, it is easy to breathe, and the overall mood improves.

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