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Osteopathy Without Borders

Adults aged 19 to 64

Life is a constant challenge. We always need to implement our plans and achieve new goals although it adds to our responsibility and additional duties; at the same time we always meet certain unforeseen events. Every day we have to adapt to new situations and it overloads our body, already full with different events and tasks.

Osteopathy helps restore the healthy condition of the body parts that we usually ignore: back, head, nerves, limbs, joints, digestive system, etc. Osteopathy also allows adjusting the rhythm of inflow and outflow of cerebrospinal fluid in the body and runs the self-regulation mechanism.

Third youth, 65 years and older

Body aging is a natural process. Burden of past years and fatigue accumulate. Normal wear and tear of life systems makes the body more vulnerable to such diseases as colds and bronchitis. People suffer more from various pains, their joints move worse, bones ache, etc.

Osteopathic sessions slow down these processes. They improve blood circulation, remove pain, restore balance and strengthen the immune system. In short, osteopathy significantly improves the quality of life and allows elderly people to fully enjoy their “golden” years.

Pregnancy and period thereafter

A female body experiences great overload due to rapid and significant changes therein during pregnancy and after childbirth. Osteopathy offers treatment and rehabilitation before and after childbirth, helps women regain the flexibility of the spine and joints, restore the normal functioning of the pelvic organs and intestines, improve breathing, and eliminate the effects of pregnancy and childbirth affecting the aesthetics of the female body.


If you are a professional engaged in physical activity, the risk of injuries is minimized. Osteopathy contributes to the overall improvement of athletes. After disclosing imbalances, and muscles hypertonia or hypotonia, the osteopath eliminates such dysfunction, which minimizes the risk of injuries for the people involved in sports and help then to reach high results in sports.

Rehabilitation and readaptation

After a severe illness, injury, or surgery, the human body is weak and destabilized. Functional systems lose their normal orientation. Internal processes, such as, for example, blood circulation, metabolism, are violated. Osteopathy helps restore such processes, “recall” the normal parameters of the immunity, return the displaced organs to their normal places (i.e. spine, internal organs, coccyx, etc.). The osteopath also deals with commissuras, sutures, and scars. The therapist restores limbs after fractures or dislocations and rehabilitates the damaged ligaments. And what is most important, the osteopath brings the nervous system and brain function to balance.

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