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Useful Information

Three Simple Rules

Spine is the axis of all movements and the organ that directly controls the health of all internal organs. That's why Paul Bragg said that “Spine is the key to health!”If you wish to have a healthy spine until old age and keep its mobility, follow these three simple...read more

Osteopathy Without Borders

Adults aged 19 to 64 Life is a constant challenge. We always need to implement our plans and achieve new goals although it adds to our responsibility and additional duties; at the same time we always meet certain unforeseen events. Every day we have to adapt to new situations...read more

Be honest with your doctor

Contact made! The therapist and the patient come in contact at the first meeting. The issue of the reliable contact and trust-based relations is of paramount importance both for the patient and the osteopath. It is very essential for the patient to be sure in the therapist’s competence, in his...read more

Health Monitoring

During a session of osteopathy, the osteopath influences your body using gentle techniques. A patient who visits the osteopath for the first time may have false idea about the procedure. E.g. they may think that the therapist should make their bones “crack” or “crumple” then properly. In the patients’...read more

Five Paul Bragg’s Exercises to Restore Spine

The below exercises were developed by Paul Bragg, a famous naturopath. It consists of five basic exercises, which influence different regions of the spine. You should make all of them in one session. You can rest between the exercises.Exercise 1. This exercise applies specifically to the upper region of...read more

Osteopath’s Advice

Try to observe the following hygiene requirements to keep normal tonus of the body and be healthy:Eat only healthy food, balanced and various. Such a diet will provide you the right amount of vitamins, minerals and microelements. Eat vegetables and fruits every day. Maintain a reasonable body weight, and to do...read more

How to Prevent Spine Diseases

Prevent back pain. 8 out of 10 people have certain diseases of the spine, which cause severe pain: lumbodynia, degenerative spine disease, spondylosis, spondylarthrosis, spinal disc herniation, arthritis, etc. However, some rules that seem very simple may prevent your future suffering from back pain if followed constantly. First of all, we...read more

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